Checkmating Cancer Evolution
We're targeting the infrastructure that enables cancer cells to evolve
Designing cancer cures
Heterogenous Cancer
Tumours harness CIN and point mutations to evolve genetic heterogeneity, the key reason for the poor survival of cancer patients.
We develop the first personalised medicines to treat heterogeneous cancers.
Specific targets
We discover drug targets essential for tumours to survive the consequences of CIN.
We tackle the challenge of distinguishing these targets and defining their respective patient selection molecular markers.
Precision medicines
Enedra’s platform uses the power of advanced computational and genomic science to discover the first precision medicines, that are effective despite the biological complexity of heterogenous cancers.
Enedra is developing a pipeline of programs on multiple novel cancer agnostic targets, currently at the discovery stage.
Meet the team
Andreas Ballis
CEO of two successful ventures: Diadem (Alzheimer's Dx) and HRM (cell therapy). Background in Pharma corporate business development and investment at Alapis Pharma. R&D expertise in single-cell-omics target discovery at AstraZeneca.
Keith Blundy
Former CEO of Storm Therapeutics and Cancer Research Technology, with experience in licensing, drug discovery and fundraising. Former director at KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, Mission Therapeutics and Inivata Ltd.
Ian Collins
Head of Medicinal Chemistry
Scientific co-founder of Monte Rosa Therapeutics. World leading medicinal chemist.Discoveredmultiple novel cancer clinical candidates. Ex Head of Chemistry at the Institute for Cancer Research.
Tim Hammonds
Head of Drug Discovery
Co-raised significant series A round as VP Drug Discovery Entact Bio. Ex Deputy Director of Drug Discovery, Cancer Research Technology. Leading expert in building drug discovery platforms.
Ian Waddell
Executive Director at Charles River. Director Discovery Medicine AZ, Head of Drug Discovery at MICR CRUK.
Anguraj Sadanandam
Associate Professor at ICR. Enedra VP of Technology.
Expert in AI, systems biology for drug discovery. Pioneered multi-omic subtyping of cancer with Joe Gray and Doug Hanahan. Associate Professor at ICR. Seconded as Enedra VP of Technology. Anguraj co-developed our computational platform.
Nicky McGranahan
Bioinformatics Lead of the CRUK-UCL Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence and TRACERx team.
Leading expert in tumour evolution.
Alex Gutteridge
Director of Computational Biology at Lonza, GSK Scientific Lead for Open Targets.
Expert in computational biology for target identification. Ex. Director of Computational Biology at Lonza, GSK Scientific Lead for Open Targets, Bringing his experience with project Score, Alex co-developed key aspects of the platform.
CASPAROV platform: allowing the move from heterogeneous disease to personalised medicines